Road Shark customs brokerage is your single source for customs clearance of goods into Canada and the United States. Whether you're exporting or importing our experience & technology will get your shipments cleared. We clear every shipment with expertise and personal attention. This expertise means you get customer service responsiveness that's second to none. Shipping across the border can involve complex customs issues that include classification appraisal, entry confirmation & a host of other documentation processing. We help navigate through the obstacles & try and eliminate the border. An international sale to a company in Canada or the U.S requires compliance with a variety of customs regulations & procedures. Our intention with every clearance is to satisfy the documentation and accounting requirement of the CBSA- Canada Border Services Agency & the U.S Customs Service with the customer's name and reputation upheld for future transactions. Road Shark's customs brokerage employees are highly experienced and are always educating themselves in new customs procedures. This enables us to clear your shipment regardless of the port of entry, the means of transportation or the arrival time of your goods. We use all the existing release systems to ensure that your goods are cleared as quickly as possible.

At no charge, please feel free to contact a Road Shark customs brokerage employee if you have any questions or if you require assistance with the following services.
** assisting with the completion of the power of attorney, customs invoices or NAFTA certificate of of origin.
** other relevant customs documentation.
** helping to determine the correct tariff classification number to see if there is any applicable duty.




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